MQ-3 Sensor (Alcohol, Ethanol, Smoke) Detector

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Alcohol sensor is suitable for detecting alcohol it  just like your common breathalyzer.. Sensor is low cost semiconductor device which can detect the presence of alcohol gases at concentrations from 0.05 mg/L to 10 mg/L. In this module sensitive material used for this sensor is SnO2, whose conductivity is lower in clean air. It’s conductivity increases as the concentration of alcohol gases increases. It has high sensitivity to alcohol and has a good resistance to disturbances due to smoke, vapor and gasoline. It provides both digital and analog outputs. MQ3  Sensor module can be easily interfaced with Microcontrollers, Arduino Boards,Texas Instrument Board etc..

It has a high sensitivity and fast response time. Sensor provides an analog resistive output based on alcohol concentration. The drive circuit is very simple, all it needs is one resistor. A simple interface could be a 0-3.3V ADC.

Features of MQ-3 Alcohol Sensor

  • Sensor Type - Semiconductor
  • Compatible with most of the microcontrollers
  • Low-power standby mode
  • Requires heater voltage
  • Good sensitivity to alcohol gas
  • Fast response and High sensitivity  
  • Long life and low cost
  • Requires simple Drive circuit
  • High sensitivity to alcohol and small sensitivity to Benzine .
  • Fast response and High sensitivity *
  • Stable and long life
  • Simple drive circuit