I2C-Backpack (PCF8574T) for 5V 1602-/2004-LCDs

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I2C-Backpack (PCF8574T) for all 5V 1602- and 2004-LCDs with ST7066/HD44780 (16 Pin Interface)

LCD backpacks reduce the number of pins needed to connect to an LCD. 

This I2C-Backpack featuring the PCF8574T-I2C-Driver is soldered behind a standard 1602- or 2004-LCD - after that, only 2 I/O-Pins are required to get the LCD up and running. Of course, we provide an Arduino Library for instant and easy operation.


    I2C-LCD, only 2 I/O-Pins are required
    Pins: SDA / SCL / VCC / GND
    For all standard 5V 16 Chars, 2 Lines and 20 Chars, 4 Lines LCD
    Potentiometer for Contrast
    Disable Backlight by jumper
    Arduino-Library LiquidCrystalI2C available
    Size: 40mm x 18mm