HT640(Encoder For Burglar Alarm System, Car Door Controllers And Etc)

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TPS12 CODEC Pair - (Contains 2 CODEC ic's )
Its semi substitute of HT640 and HT648L encoder decoder

8 Bit Data and 4 Bit Address , useful to control 8 devices wireless (IR and RF both option )

Pin Description :

1-4 A0-A3 - 4 bit Address Input
5 GND – Ground
6-13 D0-D7 – 8 bit Data input if configured as Encoder
D0-D7 – 8 bit Data output if configured as Decoder

14 VCC - +5V DC
15 ENC-DEC – Configure chip as Encoder or Decoder

Encoder if pin is tied to VCC
Decoder if pin is tied to GND

16 DATA RX-TX – Transmit data or Receive Data from this pin through IR/RF


17 LATCH-MOM – Applicable in Decoder Mode
Latching output (Toggle Output) if pin is tied to VCC
Momentary output if pin is tied to GND
In encoder mode tie this pin to GND or VCC and do not leave it floating
18 Mode IR/RF – Selects Transmit / Receive by Infrared or Radio Frequency

IR Mode if pin is tied to VCC
RF Mode if pin is tied to GND
Encoder sends 40khz Modulation signal in IR Mode for driving IR LED
Decoder inverts received data in IR Mode


Voltage      2.0-5.5 Volts
Frequency  40khz Carrier for Infrared transmission
Oscillation  InBuild Oscillaton