ATMEGA 8515L (AD411X LOW-Power 24Bit ADC Converter)

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Description :

 high-performance, low-power Microchip 8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller combines 8KB of programmable flash memory, 544B internal memory, up to 64KB external SRAM, and 512B EEPROM. The device supports a throughput of 16 MIPS at 16MHz and operates between 2.7-5.5 volts.


Specifications :

Program Memory Type                            Flash
Program Memory Size                           8 (KB)
CPU Speed                            (MIPS/DMIPS) 16
Data EEPROM/HEF (bytes)                             512
Digital Communication Peripherals                  1-UART, 1-SPI,
Temperature Range (C)                        -40 to 85
Operating Voltage Range (V)                        2.7 to 5.5
Pin Count                            44
Capture/Compare/PWM Peripherals   1 Input Capture, 1 CCP, 3PWM