10K OHM Trimpot Trimmer Pot Variable Resistor 6mm

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Category: Passive Elements


A general purpose board mountable preset also called by others names like potentiometers, trimpots, etc but is basically just a variable resistor.  Resistors provide a fixed value of resistance that blocks or resists the flow of electrical current around a circuit, as well as producing a voltage drop in accordance with Ohm’s law. Resistors can be manufactured to have either a fixed resistive value in Ohms or a variable resistive value adjusted by some external means.

The potentiometer, commonly referred to as a “pot”, is a three-terminal mechanically operated rotary analogue device which can be found and used in a large variety of electrical and electronic circuits. They are passive devices, meaning they do not require a power supply or additional circuitry in order to perform their basic linear or rotary position function.




                   Feature Variable resistor
         Resistance tolerance ±20%
             Rated power 0.1W